Octopus Dive feels like home for the locals here, we basically are a one big happy SCUBA diving family, always ready to help each other and assist those in need. But we don’t want to stop there. Our main goal is that we want to make you feel that YOU are a part of our family too.

As the first local dive center in Nusa Penida, here in Octopus Dive we pride ourselves in giving back to the local community on our beautiful island. One of the ways to do it is by employing and training local people. If you ever come to Octopus Dive you might recognize that ALL of our staff are local.


1.      Because we believe that by training and employing local divemasters and instructors, we can have a solid and balanced team.

2.      As the natives of Nusa Penida who have been living on this island their whole lives, they can provide you with invaluable insights on the conditions, currents, and marine life around here.

3.      They are a lot of fun! Come dive with us and you will fill your day with smiles and laughter. Have you ever noticed how local people are always smiling?

4.      Because this island is their home, we would like to preserve their culture by making sure that we are not the only one who grows in this tourism.

5.      And we want to make sure that by having them interacting with you, you can learn a lot about their culture and vice versa.

Truth to be told, prior to the beginning of the training even up until now, our staff work tirelessly to improve their English language skills. They also keep trying to overcome the natural shyness that normally appears when it comes to speaking a foreign language to guests. Together we work hard and we encourage them to be the best they can to serve you here in Octopus Dive. 

By Kiranaarf

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