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BOOKING THROUGH WEBSITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE . PLEASE SEND US MESSAGE THROUGH WHATSAPP OR EMAIL. This is for SCUBA divers only, which means they’re certified to dive. Basically we arrange the trip so they can dive in Nusa Penida guided by our certified and experienced Dive Guides. The ratio is 1 Dive Guide for 3 divers. So if there is more than 3 divers in a group, we will provide more Dive Guides. There are several fun diving trip programs:  Fun Diving trip (2 or 3 dives) in the ‘northern sites’ (closest sites from our Operator)  We have 4 sites which are typical coral reef areas. The fringing reefs are home to incredible variety of marine life, both big and small. So, you can discover not only corals, but also hundreds of fish and other coral reef creatures like turtles. And if you're lucky, you might as well see the Napoleon wrasse or Giant trevally. These sites are the safest sites around the island, recently classified as The Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. Price for one trip is IDR. 700k/person for a single dive, but we always recommend a package of at least two dives (IDR. 1,350k/person). The price covers : SCUBA Diving equipment, Dive Guides, boat ride, lunch, drinking water, and a towel.   Fun Diving trip (2 or 3 dives) including the famous ‘Manta Point 66’ This Manta point 66 is what we call the “cleaning station” of the manta ray. They come there daily to let the small fishes (remora fish and other) to eat their parasites. We have quite high chances (60-90%) to see the manta ray in that divesite. Sometimes we can also spot reef sharks, stingrays, and octopuses in the same site. For this trip, divers must book a package of 2 dives, because it is the furthest point from our operator and the trip can be only settled if there’s a minimum of 2 divers. We do one dive in manta point 66 and another dive in the northern site.  Price for this is IDR. 1,500k/person for a package of two dives. The price covers : SCUBA Diving equipment, Dive Guides, boat ride, lunch, drinking water, and a towel.  Fun Diving trip (2 dives) in the ‘east Nusa Penida Sites’           An adventurous trip in a different kind of underwater life. The dive itself becomes more interesting, as it becomes challenging. We dive there to spot some sharks, dolphins, or other bigger fishes. This diving trip is for the experienced divers only, 20 logged dive or above, due to the shape of the bottom present in the dive sites. Because of it the water movements are a bit tricky and the current intensity can go from moderate to high. *the terms and conditions and prices for this is the same as the dive package which including manta point 66.

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