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Beginner Diver FAQ

How deep can we go diving?

For certified open water diver, the recommended maximum depth is about 18 meters (60ft). However, if you take some more advanced courses, you can go to a maximum of 30 meters (100ft). Please note that certain organizations might have slightly different standards of recommended depths.

How many dives can we do in one day?

In Nusa Penida, we recommend you to do 2 dives per day as the dives here are more adventurous and sometimes the drift dives consume your energy. But of course we can arrange 3 dives per day (maximum) as well depending on the weather and conditions. In Sumbawa maximum is 3 dives per day, and in Macan Island, we mostly recommend you for 1 or 2 dives each day.

I have never dive before. Can I go diving in Nusa Penida?

Yes you can. There are two options either to take open water dive course with our instructors, or take the Try Scuba Diving (TSD) / Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD) program. The difference is that the dive course will take 3-5 days. For TSD/DSD, you will only need to make time for us to brief you the essentials, and then our competent instructor will accompany you the whole time during the program (one day dive trip).

What are the ratios for the dive trip?

The ratio guide to guests are 1:3 for certified divers, and 1:1 for try scuba diving. Meaning that for every 3 divers, we provide 1 dive guide and 1 instructor/dive master for every non-diver doing TSD.

How long is the duration of one day trip?

It is 4-5 hours counted from the time you ride on the boat until the time you get back.

How can I get there to Nusa Penida?

If you are at the airport or Hotels around Denpasar, we can arrange a package including transport, hotel, and the dives. If you prefer to plan yourself, go to Sanur Harbor (Hang Tuah street), then buy speedboat ticket from there to Nusa Penida. There are some speed boats almost every hour available to the island (during high season, purchasing on the d-day might not always be available).

What are there to see in Nusa Penida?

Beautiful tropical island with stunning sites underwater as well as beaches, hills and cliffs along the coastline.

For diving, especially people around the world come to Nusa Penida to see Manta Rays and Mola-mola / Sunfish.

Because this island has its cleaning stations and feeding stations.

What kind of dives are available in Nusa Penida?

We have wall dives, slopes, cave dive, drift dive, night dive (occasional), adventure dives, and to get to almost every sites, we go by boat.

Is there any discounts?

We offer discounts if you bring your own equipment (meaning your snorkeling equipment, BCD, and regulator). We also offer discount if you do 2-3 days diving with us. For dive master and instructors, we offer you special price if you show us your cert card with instructor/dive master ID number on it.

What should I do if I want to go diving but I have not dive for more than a year?

You can either take refresh course or refresh dive. Refresh course (including swimming pool/confined water training) is recommended if you have not been diving for a long time and review all the necessary skills before you do the actual dive trip with our instructor. For more experienced divers that have not been diving for a while, do a refresh (test dive) accompanied by our guide/dive master. This refresh dive is usually done at the slack tide at the less-current area, while you get used to the equipment and if necessary conduct some skills reviews too.

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